About Us

SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center  (SWNSREC) believes in the power of hope.  In providing an atmosphere of hope, we strive to help all our members in their personal ongoing recovery effort to reach their full potential, dreams and aspirations.  We collaborate with our partnerships toward our common goal:  recovery!


SWNSREC’s mission grew out of a strong desire and commitment to strengthen the potential of individuals and families within our communities.  We strive to ensure that every SWNSREC employee has a full awareness of exactly “what is at stake” for every member who engages our treatment services.  In doing so, it is essential that SWNSREC services are of the highest quality and that our day to day interactions are driven by the value of unconditional positive regard.  We believe that as we practice this value consistently, we create an environment of love and respect, promoting the highest level of healing and developmental opportunities for our members.  


"Your next step to recovery begins here..."


Outpatient treatment services have been provided by SWNSREC since 1995.  SWNSREC is fully licensed and has developed its programs consistent with the goals of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Single County Authority as well as Community Behavioral Health of Philadelphia (CBH).  Within this 19 year span we have developed an extensive referral network and relationship with pertinent county based service facilities.  SWNS executive leadership acknowledges they would not be able to realize their vision, but for the following:


  • Licensure:  SWNSREC is licensed by Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), Department of Drug/Alcohol Programs (DDAP) and Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS)
  • Referrals:  Referrals to any of SWNSREC programs come from a variety of sources:  hospitals,  shelters, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, residential substance abuse programs, criminal justice system, specialty courts, word of mouth, walk-ins, sober living residences just to name a few.
  • Peer Leadership Program:  SWNSREC has an established Peer Government consisting of the elected Peer Advisory Council, Peer Mentors, Peer Specialists and Alumni Association. The peer government body recruit members, hold weekly meetings, coordinate/implement social/recreational events and activities, meet regularly with the management team and provide valuable input concerning the program’s services. We strongly encourage all members to participate in the Peer Program. 
  • Staff:  As an employer, SWNSREC hires credentialed clinicians, recovery support persons and administrative staff.  This team of specialists demonstrates understanding and compassion for those we serve.  The staff of SWNS consists of seasoned professionals, paraprofessionals and recovery support personnel with experience in the treatment of substance abuse/dependence, co-occurring and mental health issues, who are committed to providing services with the highest degree of integrity. Through this diversified staffing, an individual will benefit from a holistic approach to treatment.  SWNSREC has proven track record of upholding confidentiality, along with human and civil rights.

SWNS provides a variety of other educational and community services, including:


  • School-Based Programs
  • Educational Presentations
  • Community Awareness Seminars
  • Children’s Educational Workshops


SWNSREC is an equal opportunity employer.

SWNS annual report 2018 is available for review.  To review the annual report please contact Richard N Lowe III at 215-729-2014.