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SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center (SWNSREC) join all the other safety and life concerning organizations in eradicating instances of under the influence driving nation-wide.  We recognize the importance of attacking this problem at all its many stages, from prevention, enforcement and adjudication to rehabilitation.  We provide information, direction, training and support with purpose of working towards the elimination of harm caused by impaired drivers who have one-time or repeat occurrences of Driving Under the Influence (DUI).


SWNS offers the Alcohol Highway Safety School (AHSS) program, as an approved service provider of the Philadelphia County DUI Coordinator’s Office, whereby instruction is based on an approved standardized curriculum.  The major objective of the AHSS program is to discourage driving while under the influence.  The courses this program is comprised of focus on understanding how alcohol, illegal drugs, controlled substances or a combination thereof, effect highway safety, social relationships and economic functioning. 


Often AHSS courses are mandated via court order, whereby certificate of completion must be earned.  In order to earn a certificate from SWNSREC DUI Services individuals are required to receive a CRN evaluation and drug and alcohol assessment.  All AHSS instructors and CRN evaluators are certified through the Pennsylvania DUI organization.  Our treatment staff consist of highly trained professionals.



Although, the outcome of in-treatment assessments may require subsequent classes, the general time commitment and cost logistics for the AHSS program are:


Two 6.25 hour sessions:  Classes are held every Saturday, except the 5th Saturday of the month.

Fees:  (are established by the Philadelphia County Court system)

  • Court Reporting Network (CRN)*               Please contact the office: 215-729-2014 or 215-787-9600

  • Alcohol Highway Safety School*                Please contact the office: 215-729-2014 or 215-787-9600

  • Assessment                                               Please contact the office: 215-729-2014 or 215-787-9600

  • Reschedule Fee                                         Please contact the office: 215-729-2014 or 215-787-9600

*This fee can be split in two payments, but must be paid-in-full before completion of 2nd class.



So, under what circumstances can a DUI charge occur?  A police officer can pull an individual over for many reasons, i.e. erratic driving, a traffic violation or observed faulty equipment, such as a burnt out tail light, and a sobriety check point.  If there is reason to suspect DUI, i.e., odor of alcohol or drug smell on the breath or in the car, slurred speech or other ”impaired” behavior, a standard sobriety test will be given.  Failing the field sobriety test will result in being arrested for DUI. 


SWNSREC’s DUI team can help, for we are committed to fostering personal growth, self-management and self-determination. 


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