Full Drug and Alcohol  Assessment programs


As an organization, SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational

Center, (SWNSREC) is committed to helping people reach their full

potential.  We embrace a vision of recovery, resilience and

self-determination, as we continue to shift to a model of care directed by

the person in recovery.  In this model, professional treatment is one

aspect among many that supports our members in managing their own

conditions, while building their own recovery resources.  This recovery

process is viewed as a lifetime journey, with a Nu-Vision and Nu-Skills

that SWNSREC can help navigate!


Transformation to a recovery orientation in both addictions and mental

health becomes possible by focusing on the central role of our members

and their families in responding to, managing, and overcoming these

serious illnesses. The addictive substances interfere with a person’s life

sustaining structure: mental and physical health, family life, interpersonal

relations, financial, occupational, and social functioning.  That is why our

organizing effort must encompass stability for the entire system.  We, at

SWNSREC, strongly believe that although addiction is a life taking

disease, it is treatable and therefore, recovery is a realistic treatment goal

for all who enters our doors. 


Yes!  Individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction are able to develop to their full potential at SWNSREC.  Although addiction is overwhelmingly captivating, it is a disease that can be interrupted.  We accomplish this by providing services that enable our members to develop:

  • a more broad understanding of how addiction and unhealthy behaviors are not only individually debilitating but also have a negative effect on our family and community,

  • a new perspective on life, by developing and strengthening new skills that will enhance recovery efforts;

  • healthy coping mechanisms and change behavior patterns from self-destructive to life-enhancing.

SWNSREC fervently believes that all individuals can gain independence through many different pathways to recovery.  Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services (IOP) and less regimented Outpatient(OP) services are instrumental in recognizing and building recovery capital.  In addition, SWNSREC has developed and offers as needed Bi-Lingual/Bi-Cultural (Spanish) IOP.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP):  This program is uniquely designed for those individuals who require a highly structured clinical environment.  IOP treatment services at SWNSREC are available 6 days a week Monday through Saturday and 3 evenings per week.  Members who will benefit from intensive treatment can expect to attend 3 to 5 days per week.  We emphasizes the importance of behavioral change, and provide participants with a wide range of therapeutic supports commonly viewed as essential to any successful recovery process.  The SWNSREC's IOP treatment schedule consists of a variety of services: group therapy, education, individual and family counseling, peer leadership, community activities/service, field trips, drug free social gatherings, anger management, life skills, spirituality, money management, English for Speaker of Other Language Classes (ESOL), HIV education/testing, parenting classes, nutrition education, spiritual development activities, peer-to-peer activities, volunteerism, community activities and Alumni Association activities and linkages to community resources. 


Intensive Outpatient Services at SWNS also include:

  • Individual Sessions Weekly

  • Daily Group:  Psychotherapy or Psycho-educational Lectures

  • Weekly Urine Drug Screens

  • Case Management Services

  • Weekly Family Sessions

  • Reports to EAPs and/or MCOs

  • Relapse Prevention Groups

  • AA and NA Meeting Attendance

  • Multi-Cultural and Multi-Lingual Staff

Outpatient Drug/Alcohol Services:  In contrast to the IOP, this program is designed for those individuals moving from a more intensive setting to a less restrictive treatment schedule and increased community integration.  Outpatient Drug/Alcohol Services members can expect to attend 1 to 3 days per week according to their needs.  Flexibility is provided so members can:  job search, attend school and maintain employment.  Members may participate in a combination of services, such as:  group therapy, individual counseling and family counseling, education, peer leadership, support and activities, community activities and service, field trips, drug free social gatherings, anger management, life skills

  • spirituality

  • parenting class

  • money management

  • English for Speakers of Other Language (ESL)

  • linkages to community resources. 

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Tony Reid:

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