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Working at a drug rehabilitation center isn’t a job for just anyone.  Fighting in the war against substance abuse isn’t easy either.  It takes dedication, hard work, as well as the ability to be compassionate.  These are all qualities that the staff at SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center (SWNSREC) shares.  And being non-judgmental is one of those things that make them uniquely different than the staff at any other rehab center.  While some of our staff members have never been faced with substance abuse until working here, some have first-hand knowledge of the perils of this debilitating disease have dealt with substance abuse themselves or have been indirectly impacted due to a loved one’s spiral into addiction.


Everyone on SWNSREC's staff agrees that substance abuse has grown astronomically in recent years and something must be done, starting with eradication of stigmatizing substance abusers during their recovery journey. 


For it is critical to recognize and accept:  Drug addiction does not have a specific look. It doesn’t just affect a certain race, gender, or age range.


And all people are susceptible to being trapped in its entangling web.  It is more than just a growing problem affecting a small percentage of people—it as at epidemic levels no longer just an inner-city problem.  Our SWNSREC staff joins other socially conscious organizations in the fight to treat those who are suffering.


At SWNSREC we treat substance abuse as a life threatening disease without a cure.  It not only affects the abuser mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but it affects all aspects of an abusers life and destroys everything that it comes in contact with…substance abuse is deadly!  Although we recognize drug addiction is incurable, it is treatable through certain measures, which includes medication and therapy.  Both of these age old measures help, however the real key to success is through compassion and love.  We believe, a model built on a foundation of unconditional love instills hope and faith, and also builds the self-esteem of the abuser.


Our hope, here at SWNSREC, is that through compassionate treatment we can stop an abuser from succumbing to the tragic fate of death, which could easily befall them if they continue down that disastrous road of abuse.  So every position matters:  from setting up appointments, to mailing out the billing to insurance companies, to overseeing group therapy sessions, to handling intake clients.  All of these roles are important in SWNSREC’s fight to bringing an end to substance abuse and saving lives.  And when it comes down to it, saving one life can save a family, which can save a neighborhood, which all in turn can save a city!


We are always looking for compassionate and quality additions to our staff.  If you are interested in joining our team, please Contact Us or stop in to leave your resume at anyone of our sites.



SWNSREC is an equal opportunity employer.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Cheryl Wells-Butler:

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