D.U.I. and Highway Safety Services



SouthWest Nu-stop Recovery and Educational Center

(SWNSREC) DUI counseling program's mission is to access, educate

and counsel individuals who have been arrested for a DUI offense and

to preventthem from experiencing a reoccurrence of a DUI arrest. 


The key goals of the DUI program include:


  • examining the dangerous results of combining drinking and



  • developing best approach for handling situations when drinking

       and driving have occurred,


  • teaching/learning adequate refusal skills that will preclude the

       reoccurrence of arrest;


  • an overview of the progressive symptoms and effects of alcohol and

       chemical dependency.


SWNSREC partners with the state of Pennsylvania and City of Philadelphia to provide Court Reporting Network (CRN) Evaluations, and drug and alcohol assessments and treatment if appropriate, as well as DUI classes.


CRN Evaluation:  The CRN Evaluation is a comprehensive statewide network that provides uniform evaluations procedures throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  The goal of the CRN is to identify problem drinkers for the court system and accurately make recommendation for intervention in the form of Treatment/Counseling and/or Alcohol Highway Safety School.  SWNSREC offers CRN assessments on site at our 5616 Woodland Ave location.

Drug and Alcohol Assessment:  These assessments are based on a set of guidelines designed to provide clinicians with a basis for determining the most appropriate care for members with drug and alcohol issues.  This program was developed through a comprehensive process initiated by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Drug and Alcohol.


Treatment/Counseling:  Therapy and care services are determined by the individual needs and assessment of each individual member.  Initial contacts can be made through any outpatient treatment facility, including SWNSREC’ multiple locations.

Alcohol Highway Safety School:  This program offers classes, as identified in DUI evaluation and assessments.



If you have any questions please contact Mr. Tony Reid:

267-714-8469 or contact via email: tony.reid@swnustop.com