English as a Second Language (ESL) Class










In accordance with SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center’s (SWNSREC) philosophy, values and mission, we are committed to giving our Latino members every possible advantage.  So, when members came to SWNSREC administration, in 2014, with a request to learn English, there was immediate action taken.  What better way to foster personal growth, empowerment and self-determination then to learn another language!  


Among our Latino population there is a wide spectrum who understand and

speak English—fluently and with cultural clarity.  Clearly the passion and

capacityto provide our members the opportunity to participate in on-site ESL

classes, was available.  So, SWNSREC began, and is currently providing, ESL

classes in the evening.  The response has been overwhelming. There is so

much interest that SWNS is looking to provide ESL classes on additional days.


The ESL class offering is over and above a member’s treatment schedule,

and is optional.  As such, it is a service that is not reimbursed.  However,

transportation is made available to SWNSREC Latino members.  Coordination

of transportation logistics can easily be pre-arranged with our staff.


SWNS is committed to adapting to changes in the environment,
as well as the needs of our members.


Also, statistics have proven bi-lingual skills

improve job opportunities, along with other

cognitive benefits. 


The need for individualswho can communicate with multiple cultures

or be an interpreter is in increasing demand, globally.  Aligned with these

ever increasing changes SWNSREC is also looking to start a class of English

speaking people who want to learn Spanish. 


Keep checking our Events page for our announcement of future

class offerings.


Please Contact Us at the number listed below with any questions and interest in our current ESL classes.