Family Education and Restoration Services


The mission of the SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center (SWNSREC) Family Education/Restoration Services is to assist our members in rebuilding and reconnecting relationships that mean the most.  Our goal is to aid in the healing process by acting as a guide through mending the negative impact that have hindered the building or rebuilding of these relationships in the past.  Through proven techniques and education, communication and self-esteem are improved, while ownerships of each person’s role in the healing process occur.


Through this service SWNSREC seeks to bring individuals in treatment together with their families and support persons to re-gain and maximize their ability to function in a healthy way.  Reestablishing the trust, confidence and stability, necessary to keep hope alive, enables a rekindling or awareness of the love that binds and truly restores the relationships.  Encouragement and support from loved are tangible components of the recovery process, which is emphasized as we, at SWNSREC, focus on the three R’s:


Redirect!   Rebuild!   Reconnect!

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Bennie Swans, III:

484-844-5240 or contact via email: