G.E.D. Classes













SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center (SWNSREC), encourages growth in every area of your life that assures attainment of your vision for a Nu-Life!  Individuals without a high-school diploma may earn a high-school equivalency credential by preparing for and taking the General Educational Development (GED) Exam. 


The GED is equivalent to a high school diploma and it establishes proficiency in the following subjects:


  • Reasoning through Language Arts

  • Mathematical Reasoning


Your path towards your high school equivalency diploma starts here!  For SWNSREC has partnered with organizations throughout Philadelphia County and suburbs, enabling you to work towards obtaining your degree while working on other life skills, recovery journey and behavioral health concerns.  We encourage you to make this one of your goals.  The most attractive thing about many of the GED preparation programs is that you can learn at your pace, there is tutorial support and you can take the test when you know you are ready.


So do not hesitate to Contact Us about any questions or concerns towards obtaining a GED.   



  • Science

  • Social Studies

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Bennie Swans, III:

484-844-5240 or contact via email: bennie.swans@swnustop.com