Life Skills





SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center (SWNSREC) assists with the lifestyle changes that... 

...empower our members to make choices and actions, that when used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs, they will improve their lifestyle and health.  


SWNSREC teach these human and social skills as part of our service offerings.  For we know they can be used to handle problems and questions commonly encountered in daily life, progressing or re-establishing careers or obtaining gainful employment.






Please allow us to introduce you to The William Bailey R.E.C. Center, Inc. who SWNUREC has partnered with to provide you with PELA Kids. A Keystone Stars childcare center located in SW Philadelphia/ Penrose Public School. The care offers free meals, appropriate learning and activities with so much more. Subsidy Accepted. For more info, call 1-888-958-1165 or inquire with CCIS, Pelican Provider