NoMo! Program





People of all ages have been flowing through the doors of SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center (SWNSREC) for several years.  However, over the last few years an increasing number of young people, some barely out of their teenage years, have been coming in for treatment. The drastic increase in adolescent patients became heart-wrenching to see, eventually leading Dr. Reid to take action.  He envisioned a program to help the youth throughout the city, so that they wouldn’t grow to be substance abusers.  With his vision clear, in March of 2003 the non-profit program NoMo! was created to serve young people, within the age range of 7 to 13, city-wide.


In its broad definition NoMo!, means no more drug abuse, no more teen pregnancy, no more illiteracy, no more violence as well as all the other negative stereotypes that plague our youth. 


NoMo! is meant to give the youth of the city, especially the disenfranchised, hope and encouragement, something many of them have been missing since birth.  This is achieved by going to schools, churches, block parties and other venues, and putting on events like magic shows and rap shows. The objective is to overflow the minds of the youth and open their eyes to other paths in life which don’t involve drugs or alcohol.  The other purpose is that through these teachings the youth will take away something to carry with them throughout their life.  


With so many young people throughout the city to reach, NoMo!’s outlook of success is simply having them remember.  And in times of trouble and negative pressure, which will surely come, they will have these words of wisdom to fall back on.  We, at SWNSREC, believe that “righteous wisdom is just and peaceful”.  In times of distress, maybe these words, branded in their mind just as their favorite fast food logo, will be the difference between life and death.  SWNSREC is committed to providing a wealth of knowledge, for the purpose of developing and shaping the type of judgment and decision making foundational to productive citizen.


Since its establishment, the primary purpose

of NoMo! has been to utilize existing resources

and partnerships to exact change.  Playing off

of slang, the name NoMo! has a broad definition,

as noted above.  But it is really felt through a

passionate rap/chant:


NoMo! Teen Pregnancies      

NoMo! Drug Abuse

NoMo! Illiteracy       

NoMo! Violence       

NoMo! NoMo!

All negative stereotypes that

plague the youth of “our” city. 



The NoMo! team provides live adult seminar (targeting youth leaders and educators) and youthpresentations.  Our presentations are interactivefeaturing multimedia, various displays, question &answer sessions and free giveaways.  They areapproximately

1 hour and 15 minutes in length.  Presentations are scheduled on Thursday and Fridays,although we will consider custom requests.  


If yourschool is in the Philadelphia area and would likeNoMo! to visit, please call the number below:

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Ricky Duncan:

267-787-5879 or contact via email: