Our History



“This is not just a job…this is a dream and passion...helping people strive for a better life…for Liberation through recovery!“

—Dr. L. Thomas Reid


Due to the very essence of SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center's (SWNSREC) humble beginnings, its inspirational history captures current mission critical services, while laying out a path for the future.  Dr. Lloyd Thomas Reid, acted on a vision revealed to him in the midst of his recovery, which was to open a rehabilitation center.  Acting on this calling energized his recovery plans and attempts to stay sober, granting him favor in all the right places, whereby his first steps involved going through the typical logistics and phone calls.  All of his efforts led him back to a friend, who was the owner and proprietor of Sobriety Through Out-Patient, also known as STOP.  They eventually decided to open a new rehab center together.  Through this partnership, and after purchasing and renovating a building on North Broad Street, Nu-Stop was officially established.


In 1999 Dr. Reid decided to buy out his partner's share of the company, it was then renamed Southwest NuStop, Inc. (SWNS), making Dr. Reid sole proprietor, which he remains to date, as he appropriatelly officially began doing business as SWNSREC in Jaunuary 2015, to fully capture preent day service offerings.  However, what seemed like a smart business move, it came at a great cost financially.  Although he had the building and proper licensing to practice in Pennsylvania, Dr. Reid no longer had any clients. To solve this problem, he offered out-patient treatment to recovery houses in the Philadelphia Area, thus establishing SWNSREC as a premier outpatient program and rehabilitation center.  In the same year, the City of Philadelphia stakeholders, recognizing SWNS grassroots success and positive impact on the communities served, asked Dr. Reid to set up a facility in Southwest Philadelphia.  


With Mrs. Reid’s encouragement and support, Dr. Reid accepted what he knew to be a challenge.  For, to meet full compliance he would have to secure a building and corresponding funds that would support the capacity requirements of the planned program offerings.

Dr. Reid took on this, seemingly insurmountable, task on faith...and his search for a building led him to 5616 Woodland Avenue.  

As luck or divine favor would have it, the owner of the space was a friend of his.  Although, Dr. Reid continuously stressed that he could not afford to lease the space, his friend lent a hand, and agreed to the best proposal that Dr. Reid could offer.  In March 2005, SWNS opened another facility, on North Broad Street, near the original building (he had with his original partner).  This site was later relocated to a new building at 1609 Poplar Street.


Mrs. Theresa Reid joined SWNS in 2000, after retiring from The Philadelphia Department of Welfare with 30 years of service. Mrs. Reid originally wanted to provide temporary support to her husband's endeavor.  Fortunately, after 13 years at SWNSREC Mrs. Reid, with Masters in Human Services, is currently the Chief of Operations.


Between its two locations, SWNSREC has helped over 35,000 recovering persons.  While proudly offering programs of hope, change and recovery, it compassionately is one of the few facilities that offer scholarships to those unable to afford treatment.  By establishing partnerships with providers that stretch far beyond the tri-state area, SWNSREC is nationally recognized and has become one of the city’s largest providers of outpatient behavioral health services.  SWNSREC has grown in so many ways since it was established many years ago, and only time will show what other success stories it will live to tell…or people who will come through our programs declaring, “I feel liberated”!