SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and

Educational Center:

Mission, Vision and Goals


Our Mission is to…

Provide compassionate and comprehensive integrated behavioral health services, including a

continuum of recovery-oriented support programs that encourages individuals to increase

their recovery capital.


Our Vision is to…

Establish behavioral health and substance abuse treatment and support service offerings in

other strategically defined and necessary geographical areas where we can be a valued

partner in alliances that share our values and our goals.


Our Goals are to...

  • Continually strive to be the community standard for excellence and are dedicated to
    improving every life we touch,

  • Evaluate and plan for the behavioral health needs of our community,

  • Provide accessible, effective, and efficient behavioral health services,

  • Advocate for the rights and needs of individuals with behavioral health challenges,

  • Engage in active outreach to assure early intervention, prevention and coordination of
    services to reduce the impact of behavioral health concerns for our community members
    and neighborhoods we serve;

  • Reduce the stigma of those with behavioral health challenges

  • Continually measure the outcome of the services provided to assure excellent effectiveness,
    efficiency, and fiscal accountability.