Parenting Degree Program


SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center (SWNSREC) has been operating the Parenting Degree Program for over 10 years, having provided parenting education services to close to 3000 families.  It is funded through the City of Philadelphia, Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Community Based Prevention Services and Parenting Collaborative.  The purpose of the program is to provide parenting classes and workshops to individuals wishing to enhance and develop skills in raising children and dealing with issues and problems confronting children and families in today’s society.  This coincides with the DHS philosophy to provide safety, permanency and well-being for youth at risk of abuse, neglect and interpersonal violence.  It also enhances the philosophy of SWNSREC to focus on family relationships, conflict resolution and the responsibilities of parents to meet the needs of their children.


A large percentage of the participation in the parenting program is voluntary and caregivers of children under 18 years of age, residing in Philadelphia, are eligible to attend free of charge.  The target population is families involved with DHS and those most at risk for entering the system, including the following groups of parents:  teens, fathers, homeless families and individuals, recently incarcerated, history of substance abuse, language and cultural barriers, grandparents raising children, and others.  Some parents are required to attend parenting classes by DHS and/or Family Court as a condition for either keeping their children in the home or having them returned from placement or foster care.


The primary curriculum utilized is Community Based Education in Nurturing Parenting from the Nurturing Parenting Programs, a nationally recognized and evidenced based family-centered initiative designed to build nurturing parenting skills for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect for at-risk families.  This curriculum has been successful in addressing the six major objectives required by the Parenting Collaborative, i.e., what constitutes child abuse and neglect; how to identify, process and manage feelings; ages and stages of child development; varied approaches to positive parenting; nurturing and responsive parent education; and, educational stability, needs and development of children.  SWNSREC’ curriculum is enhanced by parenting materials utilized by our Parent Educators in previous years, as well as educational and other materials provided by DHS, the School District of Philadelphia, the Institute for Family Professionals, and various resources that keep up with current trends and new data in the field of parenting education.  All topics aim to nurture healthy families, strengthen family relationships, keep families united and protect children from harm.


Classes are conducted at various locations throughout the City for two hours per week by Masters level instructors and support

staff that have many years of experience in the social services field as administrators, educators and direct service providers. 

Program participants receive incentives to encourage attendance for the 12 classes required for completion of the program. 

These include workshop materials, refreshments, tokens, stipends and other items.  Class locations may vary from year to year.  However, in previous years staff conducted classes at the following sites, having served over 180 parents.
















Location                                              Target Group

Delta Family Services                           Families in the reunification process

Harold O. Davis Church                        Adult and teen parents

Our Lady of Hope Church                     Adults/English

Sheppard Elementary School               Adults/Spanish

Southwest Nu-Stop                               Adults

Southwest Nu-Stop                               Teen parents

Stenton Family Manor                           Homeless families/morning class


Note:  Where a location is listed twice, two separate classes were held.

Class locations vary from year to year. However,

in previous years

classes were conducted

at the sites to the left,

serving over 180 parents. 

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