We, at SouthWest Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center (SWNSREC), strongly believe that access to transportation is critical to achieve recovery and behavioral health services goals.  Unfortunately, for many people with disabilities, especially mental health consumers, establishing a means to make their appointments, can be extremely hard.  Then there are those who are at the poverty level, relying on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or other income supports who often cannot afford to own a car or even to use public transportation regularly. 


Compassionate and reliable transportation is a key component to benefiting from the many programs offered by organizations like SWNSREC.  Yet, in Philadelphia—like many large cities—numerous programs exist for people with unmet transportation needs.  Behavioral health consumers are often not eligible for these transportation opportunities.  Or they do not know they are available or even how to use them. 


SWNSREC serves people throughout the Philadelphia area.  Also, timely and consistent attendance is typically a major requirement.  Therefore transportation is at the very heart of the members’ recovery journey.  At SWNSREC, we have minimized the impact of mobility challenges through our Transportation Program, because we strongly believe transportation is the vital link to all of our available service offerings and activities.  Our own vans are utilized, as we coordinate and facilitate transport of our members to and from their appointments at our Southwest and Popular Street locations. 


We are committed to getting you through your journey

and to your Nu-life!


SWNSREC transport members or potential members

between the hours of 7am -5pm to appointments at SWNSREC only...


We pick up from numerous pick up points throughout the city of Philadelphia, which are typically at recovery houses.  Based on need, SWNSREC will also stipend your trip through public transportation if a ride is unavailable. 







If you have any questions please contact either: