Urgent Care Program

The goal of SouthWest Nustop Recovery and Educational Center

(SWNSREC) Urgent Care program is to provide immediate stability,

hope, inspiration, and a starting point on one’s recovery journey. 

SWNSREC has partnered with Crisis Response Centers throughout the

city to provide a unique mobile service.  The urgent care program

provides services 24 hours per day to individuals discharged from

inpatient psychiatric, crisis response centers (CRC) and/or substance

abuse programs in the greater Philadelphia Area.  These services

include but are not limited to assessment, pick up from hospital and

transport to a sober living residence.  SWNSREC Urgent Care Program’s

focus area is Philadelphia County.  Placements are situational and

based on available sober living houses or assessment of an

individual’s behavioral health needs, i.e. the assessment may find

could possibly be life threatening or critical enough for inpatient care.


Within the spirit of SWNSREC's behavioral health holistic and compassionate recovery-oriented system of care our team of professionals provides mobile services to individuals that have an identified psychiatric, dual and/or substance abuse diagnosis.   Our Urgent Care Program is a collaborative effort that provides services to individuals regardless of medical coverage.  SWNSREC provide services to individuals who have public assistance (i.e., Medicaid), Medicare and private insurance, as well as those who have no insurance.


This program serves males and females 18 years and older, with specific focus on immediate access to treatment and housing post inpatient discharge. 


In essence, the goal of SWNSREC Urgent Care Program is to provide immediate stability, hope and inspiration.  We view it as a starting point on one’s recovery journey.  Current research demonstrates that crisis intervention must be appropriate and exact, combined with an immediate access to treatment.  Basically, when done so in a timely and efficient manner, better outcomes occur and the chance of individuals “falling through the cracks” is less likely.  The right combination of these interventions and tools is more conducive to a successful sober and stable lifestyle as individuals embark upon their recovery continuum.


For immediate assistance please contact the person listed below....

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Bennie Swans, III:

484-844-5240 or contact via email: bennie.swans@swnustop.com